Half term technology bootcamp



Our teaching volunteers undertook extended training on using technology in the classroom this half term.



Using a sample lesson concept of teaching modal verbs, teachers used software to tweak existing resources and develop their own. To accompany this, teachers built a presentation, using a range of image-editing and animation features, to present new lexical sets and grammar to students.

Head of School, Dominic Jury, said: “Technology has many benefits in the classroom, most importantly allowing teachers to dedicate more class time to student-student conversation and student-teacher engagement. Just using a set of slides with a simple transitional animation in Powerpoint can save valuable time otherwise spent writing on the board, and not engaging with students.”

The training also included how to use ECSE’s internal file sharing platform, which helps our teachers share ideas and resources for lessons.

Volunteer teachers at ECSE are provided with full training in English language teaching, classroom management and using technology to support their students’ learning. Find out more about joining us as a volunteer here.