Trip to Hampstead Heath a (wet!) success

Students at Hampstead Heath


Our students and volunteer staff took a trip to one of the best views of London – Hampstead Heath.




Students joined us from a mix of levels and nationalities, giving them a chance to practise their English and get to know each other.

Despite the gloomy weather, they still managed a nice walk around the park and take in one of the best views in London!

Students utilised their reading skills, reading the history of the area placards as well as using the map to find their way around, in addition to speaking to each other and school staff.

Head of School, Dominic Jury, said: “These trips are not only great fun for the students and staff, but provide an invaluable experience for students to practice their English outside of the classroom. There’s never a better test for our students than being, quite literally, out there in the field!”

This marks our second trip for students this academic year, following a successful outing to Richmond Park in the autumn.

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